Learn to take control of your voice, then lose that control. Experience what true freedom means.

Step out of your comfort zone and find your true voice, through self -exploration and emotional mindfulness. Use your intuition, instinct and feel your voice emerging from the inside out.
Your true voice will emerge, steady and strong, through love and devotion for yourself. My teaching method is based on the same love I carry for my students, the knowledge of their struggles, phobias, and an endless effort to find creative and effective ways to release the voice and true performer we all carry inside us. My goal is to see my students leaving my classroom with a smile on their faces, and a sense of progress and constant betterment.

Chrysa Eleni has moved to Greece and is doing ONLINE lessons ONLY. Inquiry via email at Truevoicepdx@gmail.com

About Me

I was born and raised in Greece, where I got my music education and experience. Back in Greece, I was a professional choir member and soloist for many years, and I studied music research and pedagogy in Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki. I also mastered in classical singing, piano, music theory and I attended many singing Masterclasses in Greece while teaching professionally since 2007. At the moment I teach at the wonderful Mount Tabor Music School, where you will find me most days.

My determination began when I was 11 years old, after hearing Maria Callas sing, and that determination led me to begin studying classical singing at the age of 16. While studying for my singing degree, I worked with many teachers, and, by observing their teaching styles, I understood their impact on my voice, psychology, motivation and overall perspective. After experiencing a devastating emotional trauma on my voice, I decided that I would dedicate myself to help others grow a healthy and strong voice, use my technical knowledge to help them increase their range and build their self- confidence and self-esteem.

I believe strongly in individuality and spirituality, so I’m always allowing myself and my students to express ourselves freely and with respect for each other. Building a trusted relationship is key for me, and I always encourage my students to communicate as much as possible during the lesson. Patience is also something I strive for, both for myself and my students. I never take the ”easy way out”, I’m always working methodically and slowly towards building a strong and healthy voice.




Chrysa Eleni Siameti

phone: 503-308-1490
email: truevoicepdx@gmail.com

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