When I’m teaching piano, I apply the same principles I learned throughout my vocal and piano study; learn to relax the body, isolate the parts of the body you need to activate to play, keep a steady and deep breathing rhythm, and release any tension you may have through musicality and expression. The most valuable thing you will learn in my class is how to love your instrument and embrace the hurdles you may encounter along the way. For me, it’s very important that my students learn that the “trial and error” method is nothing to be afraid of, and that muscle memory is something that is built overtime. My method is based on the European technique, and I believe in learning slowly but steadily. 

 I teach ages 10 and up, from absolute beginners to semi professional pianists. 

What you will learn:

  • Music notation and basic theory.
  • Finger independence and correct posture
  • Dexterity, rhythm, sight reading
  • Music expression on various genres of music
  • Playing with a healthy technique 
  • Dealing with emotional, mental and physical blockage
  • Playing duets, and accompanying other instruments/singers
  • Performing for auditions or competitions

$50/30 mins

$65/45 mins

$70/60 mins